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Nursery Play


Toddlers learn about their environment through hands on exploration and positive adult-child interaction. In the toddler room, children follow a consistent daily routine that includes outdoor time, group time, free choice, art, music and movement. Knowing what comes next for a toddler, provides a sense of security and confidence in their classroom environment. Staff encourage and support children in serving themselves during family style meals, taking care of their dishes, putting toys away, using their words and brushing their teeth, to name a few. When children are developmentally ready and showing an interest in potty training, our staff partners with parents to begin the potty training process. We want children to be comfortable while they learn about their bodies and keep that process as consistent as possible between home and school. Teachers create daily lesson plans based on the children's interests and are assigned a primary group of children to spend time with in a small group during a segment in the daily routine. This smaller group time allows for the opportunity of a deeper bond to develop between caregiver and child.

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